From the creators of, we introduce to you our newest creation,

Upload and view for Free!

Utilizing CDE Software's Bowling Tournament Manager (BTM) Program (purchase required), bowling tournament directors or bowling center management have the ability to upload all of their bowling tournament data absolutely free!


Your bowlers will be able to view all Singles, Doubles, Trios, All Events and Team All Events all in one location all with drill-down detail data.


Multiple Divisions supported. Divisions by Age, Average and Gender.

Squad Times

Eliminate phone calls and emails on when bowler squad times are. Now, bowlers can view all of their information including what squad date/time and lane they are to report on. Soon, we will be sending out email alerts directly to your bowlers on their squad times.


No more worries on computer crashes. We will automatically store a backup of your last four uploads. If you ever need a copy of your files, they will be readily available to download and restore back to your CDE Software Bowling Tournament Manager (BTM) Program.

Advertise your Tournament

Coming soon: When you upload your Tournament, even with no scores, your Tournament will be advertised to all the Leagues on that bowl in the center where your Tournament will be held at for no additional charge.

When to Upload

As soon as the bowling center has committed to your Tournament, set up your events and squad times within your BTM program, then upload. Once your bowlers are registered, upload your data so they know their squad times. After each squad is complete, upload again so that your bowlers can see how they did. Finally, at the end of the Tournament, upload your final results.

How to Upload

Make sure you have CDE Software's Bowling Tournament Manager (BTM) Program (BTM 2019), and are using at least version 19.04.04 (release date of 06/17/19). Then, see our How to Upload page.

Register for an account Start uploading your Tournament data today!

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