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Start Date: 7/25/2020
End Date: 7/25/2020
Last Updated: 7/26/2020

Bowls at:

Riverside Lanes

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This is a Doubles event to be held at Riverside Lanes.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 480. It has 0 squad. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 1 time.

The event has 1 division determined by gender.

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1K. Heathcott / R. Heat17449948444900000000014321291561$0.00
1K. Heathcott / R. Heat17749948444900000000014321291561$0.00
2S. Shaw / B. Gonzalez18541447839900000000012911891480$0.00
2S. Shaw / B. Gonzalez14441447839900000000012911891480$0.00
3S. Bolton / R. Davis14842836747100000000012661651431$0.00
3S. Bolton / R. Davis19042836747100000000012661651431$0.00
4L. Skinder / J. Stewar17741741042000000000012471651412$0.00
4L. Skinder / J. Stewar16141741042000000000012471651412$0.00
5N. Switzer / E. Huntin15843439043200000000012561531409$0.00
5N. Switzer / E. Huntin18443439043200000000012561531409$0.00
6A. Perkins / J. Adcox16642236041000000000011922101402$0.00
6A. Perkins / J. Adcox15542236041000000000011922101402$0.00
7S. Coffey / T. Coffey14540737938900000000011752041379$0.00
7S. Coffey / T. Coffey17840737938900000000011752041379$0.00
8M. Wilson / D. Nicolay20041435043800000000012021741376$0.00
8M. Wilson / D. Nicolay13541435043800000000012021741376$0.00
9R. Wimmer / M. Rohrs15531745139400000000011622131375$0.00
9R. Wimmer / M. Rohrs16531745139400000000011622131375$0.00
10J. Harnish / G. Valler1864163754860000000001277811358$0.00
10J. Harnish / G. Valler1834163754860000000001277811358$0.00