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Start Date: 3/7/2020
End Date: 3/15/2020
Last Updated: 3/18/2020

Bowls at:

Bowlero Wheat Ridge

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This is a Team event to be held at Bowlero Wheat Ridge.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 54. It has 2 squads. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 1 time.

The event has 2 divisions determined by manual assignment.

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1Arvada # 182582695890900000000026933062999$0.00
2BV Auto # 169774777280000000000023196512970$0.00
3Mass Production81887492184500000000026403272967$0.00
4Zach Brown Band83588181698800000000026852792964$0.00
5BV Auto #270076175279300000000023066422948$0.00
6Here for Beer70573582874400000000023076272934$0.00
712 In A Row70172576377500000000022636392902$0.00
8Dilly Dilly77381174589400000000024504442894$0.00
9Salida Elks 80859560962872900000000019669272893$0.00
10Family Tradition84083995483100000000026242672891$0.00
11Hibb's Hell Rais66572667574400000000021457412886$0.00
12Bowling Blind79483782782600000000024903872877$0.00
13Claw Crank Reuni82390980483300000000025463092855$0.00
14Lakewood Lodge #82678290784600000000025353062841$0.00
15Tequila Shooters69076675065500000000021716692840$0.00
16The Left aint Ri90092992187300000000027231052828$0.00
17Family Tradition82683285783400000000025233032826$0.00
17Balls of Thunder77278979379400000000023764502826$0.00
19Leave Your Mark84680991085400000000025732462819$0.00