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Start Date: 7/31/2021
End Date: 7/31/2021
Last Updated: 8/3/2021

Bowls at:

Riverside Lanes

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This is a Doubles event to be held at Riverside Lanes.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 204. It has 0 squad. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 1 time.

The event has 1 division determined by gender.

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1C. Hollis / D. Hollis12837742944600000000012522971549$0.00
1C. Hollis / D. Hollis16137742944600000000012522971549$0.00
2D. Diedrich / D. Cushi13440036839900000000011673301497$0.00
2D. Diedrich / D. Cushi14340036839900000000011673301497$0.00
3D. Vail / M. Vail14240639444100000000012412491490$0.00
3D. Vail / M. Vail16540639444100000000012412491490$0.00
4K. Lee / S. Lee12341444238100000000012372071444$0.00
4K. Lee / S. Lee22541444238100000000012372071444$0.00
5B. Gemello / J. Sulliv1963465134920000000001351571408$0.00
5B. Gemello / J. Sulliv1823465134920000000001351571408$0.00
6A. Horton / C. Miller15947835235500000000011852221407$0.00
6A. Horton / C. Miller15747835235500000000011852221407$0.00
7J. Reichenbacher / R. 12337929235000000000010213811402$0.00
7J. Reichenbacher / R. 13537929235000000000010213811402$0.00
8B. Allen / E. Sammetin16837947236900000000012201651385$0.00
8B. Allen / E. Sammetin16937947236900000000012201651385$0.00
9R. Horton / D. Horton15335228636700000000010053631368$0.00
9R. Horton / D. Horton11235228636700000000010053631368$0.00
10B. Daly / M. Johnson1232833233630000000009693961365$0.00
10B. Daly / M. Johnson1292833233630000000009693961365$0.00