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Start Date: 7/6/2019
End Date: 8/4/2019
Last Updated: 8/5/2019

Bowls at:

Holiday Lanes - Johnson City

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This is a Doubles event to be held at Holiday Lanes - Johnson City.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 312. It has 8 squads. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 9 times.

The event has 1 division determined by gender.

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1N. Smalling / N. Sheet399442419436000000000129701297$0.00
2A. Smith / R. Crowe386514392428000000000133401334$0.00
3T. Calfee / E. DeSimon371426446406000000000127801278$0.00
4T. Fishbaugh / M. Gree333339429375000000000114301143$0.00
5K. Fillers / G. Smalli389396429445000000000127001270$0.00
6N. Armour / N. Sheets452426479435000000000134001340$0.00
7N. Garrison / L. Grayb415405491415000000000131101311$0.00
8R. Williams / J. Willi384389435370000000000119401194$0.00
9S. Crowe / M. Green370442344376000000000116201162$0.00
10L. Dula / S. Williamso2943173203190000000009560956$0.00
11K. Taylor / E. Taylor349316345442000000000110301103$0.00
12N. Smalling / B. Hite366411403325000000000113901139$0.00
13D. Gray / A. Wilkes3013033153450000000009630963$0.00
14R. McCann / J. Donalds324331366326000000000102301023$0.00
15N. Smalling / J. Small375373318438000000000112901129$0.00
16P. Campbell / D. Campb360392407314000000000111301113$0.00
16M. Green / M. Hite324351284365000000000100001000$0.00
18K. Casey / B. Carder3143572943300000000009810981$0.00
19B. Fraley / H. Rose339337373335000000000104501045$0.00
20L. Norton / C. Armstro335308322399000000000102901029$0.00