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Start Date: 5/18/2019
End Date: 5/19/2019
Last Updated: 12/4/2019

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This is a Singles event to be held at BONNIE DOON LANES.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 210. It has 8 squads. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 8 times.

The event has 1 division determined by manual assignment.

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1King, Layne 1823082353020000000008453541199$0.00
2Juricic, Marcello 2033462362350000000008172911108$0.00
3Pasko, Serena 1842362472470000000007303481078$0.00
4Wardell, Iain 2472963452730000000009141591073$0.00
5Murphy, Christian 1772981712340000000007033691072$0.00
6Eisenbart, Ryan 1332002481190000000005675011068$0.00
7Squarek, Brianna 1812112642350000000007103571067$0.00
8Hagen, Dylan 2493122463510000000009091531062$0.00
9Pfeiffer, Jack 1982163132230000000007523061058$0.00
10Loewen, Jordan 1951932193260000000007383151053$0.00
11Wudkevich, Nathan 2173052472370000000007892491038$0.00
12Jenkins, Caleb 1111231452000000000004685671035$0.00
13DelaCruz, Matthew 1762332311940000000006583721030$0.00
14Olund, Hailey 1751862691910000000006463751021$0.00
15Rustad, AnnaMae 1562151911820000000005884321020$0.00
16Hockley, Brayden 1541572082140000000005794381017$0.00
17Hvamb, Jamie 1612171961810000000005944171011$0.00
18Petrie, Hope 1691772421950000000006143931007$0.00
19Hahn, Danielle 1652671661680000000006014051006$0.00
20Brook, Colton 1831922592030000000006543511005$0.00