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Start Date: 2/15/2020
End Date: 2/16/2020
Last Updated: 2/23/2020

Bowls at:

Bowlero Wheat Ridge

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This is a Singles event to be held at Bowlero Wheat Ridge.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 144. It has 1 squad. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 1 time.

This event is linked to Doubles.

The event has 1 division determined by .

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1Dreiling, Lance 21225624623200000000073448782$0.00
2Flynn, Mike 149223167170000000000560216776$0.00
3Herrera, Larry 19724024320300000000068687773$0.00
3Dean, Richard 20424624521300000000070469773$0.00
5Hogan-McCool, Austin 180198217211000000000626135761$0.00
6Spahr, Steve 173212171221000000000604153757$0.00
7Bell, David 163218200156000000000574180754$0.00
8Brown, Rob 19821224620900000000066784751$0.00
9Rico, Shannon 157191159198000000000548195743$0.00
9Driver, Cyndi 10414692166000000000404339743$0.00
11Smith, Adam 21623425721400000000070536741$0.00
12Braxton, Xavier 183225199190000000000614126740$0.00
13Jenkins, Edward 157181171190000000000542195737$0.00
14Wellauer, Tim 20720625521500000000067660736$0.00
15Sheridan, Kellen 20621622023600000000067263735$0.00
16Stewart, Alex 175252175158000000000585147732$0.00
16Ashley, Art 155181168182000000000531201732$0.00
18Ollenburger, Ezra 168199178188000000000565165730$0.00
18Brown, Karen 187213224179000000000616114730$0.00
20Walcker, Barry 20122218724200000000065178729$0.00