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Start Date: 3/7/2020
End Date: 3/15/2020
Last Updated: 3/18/2020

Bowls at:

Bowlero Wheat Ridge

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This is a Singles event to be held at Bowlero Wheat Ridge.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 208. It has 2 squads. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 3 games.

Individuals may enter this event 1 time.

This event is linked to Doubles.

The event has 2 divisions determined by manual assignment.

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1Dinser, Joe 20526627724700000000079081871$0.00
2Bruce, Scott 20926724627900000000079269861$0.00
3Jacovetta, Brady 148154205254000000000613234847$0.00
4DuVall, Mike 19927120124500000000071796813$0.00
5Lehl, Tim 22130026820400000000077236808$0.00
6Mc gowan, Eric 20924225722800000000072769796$0.00
7Gower, Robert 169256212150000000000618177795$0.00
8Herrera, Larry 197245243203000000000691102793$0.00
9Porco, Rocky 149163187210000000000560231791$0.00
10Snyder, Brian 20730021119500000000070675781$0.00
11May, Brandon 196234227214000000000675105780$0.00
12Kinnard, Mark 187210227212000000000649129778$0.00
13Bell, Jerry 191258211190000000000659117776$0.00
13Drieling, Lance 21022722525800000000071066776$0.00
15Record, Larry 178233229160000000000622153775$0.00
16Stadler, Randy 174204224183000000000611162773$0.00
17Snyder, Justin 21623624723500000000071851769$0.00
18Long, Bob 20323324520400000000068284766$0.00
19Hathaway, Chris 183174216234000000000624138762$0.00
19Morgan, Troy 180226199190000000000615147762$0.00