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Start Date: 3/17/2020
End Date: 3/21/2020
Last Updated: 4/7/2020

Bowls at:

West Seattle Bowl

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Singles Tournament

This is a Singles event to be held at West Seattle Bowl.

The maximum number of entries in this event is 120. It has 3 squads. Bowlers in this event shall bowl 4 games.

Individuals may enter this event 3 times.

The event has 2 divisions determined by gender.

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0Dick, Wilburn 16415917115617300000000659200859$0.00
0Kimble, Bernadine 16715716217017100000000660188848$0.00
0Hilton, Tyson 1961891882041860000000076784851$0.00
0Rowell, Abigail 16015915516815200000000634216850$0.00
0Crews, Buford 18117418217318200000000711140851$0.00
0Lowry, Rosemarie 17916918517517900000000708144852$0.00
0Grover, Antony 18618719317718200000000739120859$0.00
0Huffman, Tania 15414615614814800000000598236834$0.00
0Trotter, Alex 1961871961911910000000076584849$0.00
0Jenkins, Corina 17818118218018300000000726148874$0.00
0Lott, Jonathon 19119318718318600000000749104853$0.00
0Moreno, Eula 16817016217216100000000665184849$0.00
0Keyes, Bryant 2092032002142090000000082636862$0.00
0Waller, Debora 15115315615215500000000616248864$0.00
0Felix, Kendall 18918318519619800000000762108870$0.00
0Pruitt, Sonia 16916716217117200000000672180852$0.00
0Pendleton, Carter 18018818217817800000000726144870$0.00
0Pope, Kayla 16216415717115800000000650208858$0.00
0Bowles, Reggie 2082012022122000000000081540855$0.00
0Varner, Ann 16716116116415700000000643188831$0.00